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Purchasing your business point of sale equipment from Leadman Security is the easiest and safest way to guarantee results. We have many years of experience in POS hardware sales and support and have selected the very best devices needed in retail operations.
Cash Drawers
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BC-101 Serials

Cash Drawer
Durability and dependability
The BC 101 is the ultimate Heavy duty cash drawer.
Industrial grade steel ball bearing slides ensure effortless performance and durability
A robust latch mechanism and a proven three-function lock assembly offer several
Levels of security. Good quality with good price, these make the BC-101 as
The preferred choice
Item No. : BC 101
Dimensions : 410(W) x 415 (D) x 100(H) mm
Cash Tray Dimensions: 359(W) x 326(D) x 63(H) mm
8-10 Coin/4Bill, Metal Wire Gripper,
8-10 Coin/ 6 Bill, 2 Metal Wire Gripper + 4 ABS Vertical
8-10 Coin/ 6-8 Bill, All ABS Vertical;
Heavy duty metal drawer with stainless steel lock & key
Removable coin tray and coin separator available
3-Position Lock (lock-up, auto, open)
Solenoid unit with dual voltage 12V / 1A & 24V / 0.8A
Modular 6-PIN RJ11/12 connector, compatible EPSON & STAR interface
Compatible ESC/POS repertoire
One cheque slot
Black and ivory available
Packing : 1pc /carton NW : 7.2 Kgs.

Durability & dependability cash drawer.
Dimension: 405 mm(W)*420mm(L)*100mm(H), 5 bill (fixed )+5 coin.( removable ) grilles.
RG11 interface.
heavy duty with stainless steel lock & key (3-position).
Compatible with ESC/POS repertoire.
industrial grade steel ball bearing slides.
DGlogek Help Center direct from UK
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We are happy to introduce the DGlogek help center that has been launched for the Dglogek Customers. It contains manuals, catalogs and much more about Dglogek's POS products. It's a 24/7 customer support direct from the UK
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The News
The News
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