In a world full of both internal and external risks, companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to improved physical access control to protect their valuable assets, ensure regulatory compliance and limit their exposure to liability. Leadman Security provides the most critical tool in combating these risks – controlling where and when someone has access to a particular resource, asset or area!
Flexible Solutions to Fit Any Need

Our Access control systems can be used to monitor and limit access throughout a facility, ensuring employees and visitors alike only have access to approved areas. With a variety of authentication technologies available, including PIN, Proximity/Smart Card and Biometric, Our system can be tailored with off-the-shelf products to fit the security needs.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

Whether from the end user’s point of view or that of the installer; Our Access control systems was

Meeting Your Security Needs
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Biometrics Devices
Access & Attendance devices
Cutting-Edge Technology for Physical Access Control

Our system is the culmination of over years of experience in biometric and card based physical access control solutions. Leadman Security has developed a proven, long-standing track record.
Installation Standard

The Leadman Security’s use of common, standards-based hardware and wiring configurations allow installation and maintenance costs to be kept to a minimum. Post-installation costs are also minimized due to the lack of server requirements and associated software support costs. Even the administrator’s productivity is maximized with the use of the simple, web-based administration console.
designed with ease-of-use in mind. Initial configuration of the system is similar to that of a network printer. The self-contained nature of the Leadman Security Access control systems means there are no costly servers or applications to maintain. In fact, all administrative tasks can be performed using a simple web browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and most web-enabled mobile phones. The ability to encrypt the network traffic with 128bit SSL encryption allows an administrator to securely manage the system anywhere in the world - even on unsecured networks like the World Wide Web!
Hotel System

LH4000 intelligent hotel lock system

The intelligent hotel lock system offers standalone solution to mere hotels demand on security and management which fathers 13.56 MHz Mifare card technology and hotel management software. the styled color of lock fit any type of hotel.
with the hotel management software, hotels can perform essential management tasks quickly and easily with minimal truing.
the body of lock is made by zinc alloy which is strong enough to protect the system from any considerable outside impact. lock is powered by four high- capacity alkaline AA batteries that can last up to20,000 unlocking activities.

          Model                           LH4000
          Material                        Zinc Alloy
          Mortise                         U. S. Mortise with 5 latches
          Type of Card                13.56MHz Mifare
          Encoder                        100

          Type                             hotel management software
          OS                                Windows XP/ Vista
          Power input                 4 x 1.5 AA Battery
          low battery warning     Voltage <4.8V

Environment & Verification
          Temperature                0 C~ 45 C
          Humidity                     20 % ~ 80%
          Backup Unlock            Emergency battery & Mechanical key
          Product Dimension     (L x W x H) 260*70*28mm


USB interface finger Sensor scanner


Elegant design.
European style demonstrate the grade and outstanding identity

Composite structure
Durable, No loosing, no deformation, strongly anti-destructive

International standard for interchangeable cylinder the internal use of strengthening the structure, a higher degree of anti-destructive.

Data signal lines
Adoptive of international standard computer cable, ensure the data transmission more efficient, stable, safe.

There will not be a mistake in 1000 consecutive normal sense

Extension functions
It integrates with all-purpose card system software, hotel management system for consumers to achieve all- purpose card function
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We are happy to introduce the DGlogek help center that has been launched for the Dglogek Customers. It contains manuals, catalogs and much more about Dglogek's POS products. It's a 24/7 customer support direct from the UK
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