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VIP Security
We are a regional leader in providing comprehensive professional Executive Protection & Security Solutions for multinational corporations and VIP clients throughout East Africa. The company provides the optimal, hassle-free environment for customers that need to focus on their business or leisure objectives.

All Leadman Security activities use the companys proven methodology and principles that ensure clockwork precisiondriving our extraordinary level of expert, high quality, attentive and personalized service.
Our VIP Protection Services Include;

Executive protection and security travel services
A comprehensive, client-tailored executive protection service offering peace-of-mind for multinational corporations' executives and VIP clients; organized and well-planned trips; easy and quick passage from place to place; and effective time utilization - in order to optimize trip objectives.
Executive protection services
Leadman's expert Executive Protection services designs to maximize client's time. The service enables executive to fluently operate in an unfamiliar territory and makes sure that their schedule is executed perfectly.

Travel briefing
On arrival to the new location, Leadman Security provides businessmen and multinational corporations with a security briefing on recommended behaviors and specific cautions related to the area that is being visited. Ranging from Do's and Dont do's list, to recommended places to stay in.

Secure Transportation
For businessman, multinational corporations' staff, or aircrews that arrive to new environment for business or pleasure, Leadmans Secure Transportation Service provides protected vehicle and airborne transport with the superior standard of comfort, convenience and security.

Safe visit - group security
Leadman Security offers exclusive Safe Visit services which enable high-end international VIPs and groups to enjoy the highest quality, custom made, safe tours to various captivating locations.
DGlogek Help Center direct from UK
The News
We are happy to introduce the DGlogek help center that has been launched for the Dglogek Customers. It contains manuals, catalogs and much more about Dglogek's POS products. It's a 24/7 customer support direct from the UK
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Leadman Security is your unique source and final destination for your security needs and for the entire range of updated, recognized and trusted brands of technology equipment like ZEBRA, DATA CARD, SYMBOL,FOCUS, DG Logek and many computers, servers and laptops from all over the world....
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